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Beon Active Office Launch to Redefine Modern Workspaces

Beon Active Office, launching in 2024 in Paphos, Cyprus, is redefining modern workspaces by integrating technology and flexible design to enhance productivity and community. With a focus on sustainability and smart systems, Beon promises a dynamic environment that exceeds the traditional office experience, offering a holistic experience that fuses technology, design, and functionality.

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Innovative Housing Policies to Tackle Challenges Unveiled

Cyprus has introduced innovative housing policies to combat the housing crisis, including ‘built to rent’ and ‘renovate to rent’ schemes. These policies offer increased building coefficients, tax incentives, and obligations for developers to allocate units for affordable housing sales, with the aim of diversifying housing options and making renting more accessible. These groundbreaking regulatory changes and financial incentives have the potential to set a precedent for other nations facing similar challenges.

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