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Sustainable Mobility: A New Chapter for Akamas

The proposal for sustainable mobility in Akamas involves enhancing existing roads with gravel, implementing shuttle services from surrounding villages, and restricting quad bike use to protect local flora and fauna, all in a bid to promote ecological preservation and sustainable tourism. This initiative aims to strike a balance between visitor access and conservation efforts in this pristine area, emphasizing reduced road construction and better management of visitor entry.

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Updates on the Nicosia-Limassol and Paphos-Limassol Highway Maintenance

The ongoing maintenance on NicosiaLimassol and PaphosLimassol highways includes repairs on safety barriers, installation of reflective studs, and road surface improvements. Scheduled from 9 PM to 5 AM, MondayThursday, and from 8 PM to 5:30 AM, avoiding weekends, the works are expected to finish by February 29 and March 21, respectively. Traffic is being rerouted with advisories for safe driving around construction zones to ensure the safety of drivers and construction workers.

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Comprehensive Update on Limassol’s Roadworks

Limassol, a vibrant city known for its coastal charm, is currently undergoing a series of roadworks to enhance its infrastructure. The coastal road, bypass road, and NicosiaLimassol highway are all being worked on, with lane closures and diversions in place to ensure the safety of road users. These improvements are vital for the city’s longterm growth and safety, and residents are advised to exercise caution and abide by the temporary signage in these areas.

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Vasilikos Energy and Industrial Area Welcomes New €16.7m Road Network

The new €16.7m road network in Vasilikos, Cyprus, offers significant benefits by facilitating the commute of heavy vehicles to strategic locations and enhancing transportation, energy, commercial growth, and public safety. It marks the fulfillment of relocating oil and gas storage from Larnaca’s coast and attracts major enterprises, contributing to economic growth. The project, initiated in January 2020 and completed in October, includes 9.3 kilometers of roadways, six roundabouts, a bridge, pedestrian sidewalks, and road lighting. It is a pivotal development for transportation, energy, and commerce, and it expands the Vasilikos Energy and Industrial Zone, attracting significant enterprises. Future developments include the construction of a perimeter fence, fire suppression system, and special security center, ensuring enhanced security and safety measures for Vasilikos. The project signifies the government’s commitment to improving the transportation framework and fostering the energy sector’s development.

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