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sports tourism infrastructure development

Cyprus Aiming to Ride the Wave of Sports Tourism

Cyprus is embracing sports tourism to boost its economy, with events like the International Water Polo Tournament in Larnaca showcasing the island’s potential for growth in this sector. Deputy Minister of Tourism, Kostas Koumis, highlighted the impact of such events on visitor inflows, infrastructure development, and cultural exchanges, positioning Cyprus as a dynamic destination in the global sports tourism landscape.

international cooperation infrastructure development

Awaiting the Completion of Gaza Port for Humanitarian Aid Resumption

The completion of Gaza port construction is crucial for resuming the Amalthea humanitarian aid mission and signifies hope for improved aid delivery to Gaza, bringing economic benefits and a lifeline for essential goods. President Christodoulides emphasizes international cooperation and the port’s role in providing longterm stability and prosperity for the region.

mountain communities housing initiatives

Urgent Measures to Uphold Mountain Area Livelihoods

Urgent measures are being taken to uphold mountain area livelihoods, including housing initiatives for youth, healthcare enhancements at Troodos Hospital in Kyperounda, and improved education and transport services. These efforts aim to stimulate economic activity, develop a comprehensive road network, and enhance internet services to attract businesses to these highland regions, ensuring a vibrant future for mountain communities.

environmental conservation collaborative oversight

Akamas Road Works Project Advances

The Akamas Road Works Project, focusing on environmental conservation, is advancing with strategic infrastructure improvements and rigorous oversight to balance development with conservation principles. Revitalization efforts in Akamas National Forest Park are resuming this April, with a strategic emphasis on environmental conservation. The government’s commitment to balancing development needs with ecological preservation showcases a forwardthinking approach to sustainable stewardship of this natural resource.

infrastructure developments power cable project

North to Turkey Power Cable Projected Completion

The completion of the North to Turkey power cable is projected to be within the next five years, with work starting in 2024. This significant infrastructure project, known as “the project of the century,” holds great promise for the region and is expected to be a transformative development.

traffic congestion flood protection

Evangelos Lanitis Avenue: A Solution to Traffic Congestion and Flood Protection in Agia Fyla

The Evangelos Lanitis Avenue project is finally coming to Agia Fyla, Limassol, Cyprus, after over fifteen years of planning. The project aims to reduce traffic congestion and provide flood protection for the area and involves the construction of a new avenue parallel to the highway and a large stormwater drain. The estimated cost of the project is around 8 million euros, and construction tenders are expected within the next six months.

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