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Lebanon Pledges to Combat Human Trafficking Networks

Lebanon is stepping up its fight against human trafficking networks, pledging to increase surveillance and crack down harder on illegal migration. Collaborating with the EU, Lebanon aims to manage refugee influx and prevent unauthorized migration as efforts will be evaluated at the upcoming European Council meeting.

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Attempted Migrant Smuggling Thwarted Off Cypriot Coast

In a recent operation off the Cypriot coast near Cape Greco, two individuals were arrested for attempting to smuggle 458 migrants from Lebanon, charging each person around $3,000. The migrants are now safe and receiving care at the Pournara Reception Centre, while the suspects are facing charges for facilitating mass illegal migration.

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Trafficking Numbers Far Worse Than Reports Suggest

Summary: Human trafficking numbers in Cyprus are likely higher than reported due to a lack of proactive investigations, underreporting, and institutional racism. Official figures do not reflect the true scale of the issue, with systemic inadequacies and minimal crossborder law enforcement cooperation exacerbating the problem.

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Harsh Consequences for Human Trafficking

The consequences of human trafficking are severe, as seen in the recent case in Cyprus where a 34yearold man was sentenced to three years in prison for smuggling 34 vulnerable individuals into the country. This legal action reflects the commitment of governments and international organizations to combat this global issue and protect the exploited from further harm.

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Labor Exploitation on Cyprus Farms: A Growing Concern

Labor exploitation on Cyprus farms is a growing concern, with authorities uncovering instances of illegal employment practices involving vulnerable workers. This trend extends to other sectors as well, emphasizing the need for stricter enforcement of labor laws and protections for workers’ rights.

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CEPOL’s Initiative Against Human Trafficking and Labor Exploitation in Cyprus

CEPOL, in collaboration with various institutions, has launched an educational program in Cyprus to combat human trafficking and labor exploitation. The initiative includes a fiveday training for police, prosecutors, labor inspectors, and border guards from Cyprus and other participating countries, aiming to foster knowledgesharing and operational cooperation to effectively tackle labor law violations.

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