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Bridging the Gap: Higher Education and the Job Market

The national graduate tracking mechanism in Cyprus’s higher education aims to enhance graduates’ employability by aligning education with the job market. Through monitoring graduates’ career trajectories and predicting future skill needs, this initiative informs lifelong learning strategies and adapts educational programs to meet evolving demands.

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Turkey to write report on fake diploma scandal

Turkey’s Higher Education Council (Yok) is investigating the fake diploma scandal in northern Cyprus, led by a delegation evaluating higher education quality and legitimacy. The scandal involves rapid issuance of fraudulent degrees, implicating top officials and risking the credibility of the entire education system. Yok aims to restore trust and implement strict measures against academic fraud.

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Former North ‘Minister’ Refutes Bribery Allegations

Former North ‘Minister’ Ziya Ozturkler vehemently denied bribery allegations linked to a fake diploma scandal involving City Island University. Ozturkler refuted claims of secret money exchanges, instead asserting a public book handover and called for a police investigation to clear his name.

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The Expansion of Higher Education in Northern Cyprus

The expansion of higher education in Northern Cyprus has been unprecedented, with a surge in university openings, raising concerns about quality, regulatory standards, and the region’s longterm educational sustainability. The landscape, once dominated by a few universities, now boasts 36 institutions, with 28 established post2011, prompting discussions on legality, oversight, and future planning for the region’s educational sector.

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