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Greens Slam Police Inaction Over Poisoned Animals

The Green Party is calling out the police in Maroni for their inaction regarding the poisoning of local animals, including cats, a dog, and hedgehogs. They demand dedicated animal welfare authorities to ensure justice and prevent future incidents to protect the community and its furry residents.

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‘Phenomenal’ Greens say hope for better tomorrow

The Green Party, celebrating its 28th anniversary, is a beacon of hope for a sustainable future, championing environmental and social justice within Cyprus and beyond. Led by George Perdikis, the party’s legacy of environmental advocacy and global cooperation sets the stage for a better tomorrow, with a commitment to putting nature and humanity first.

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Akamas Roadworks Spark Environmental Concerns

Environmental concerns have arisen in the Akamas Peninsula due to roadworks that allegedly violate construction conditions, sparking a call for sustainable development that aligns with the area’s proposed National Park status. Green Party Leader Giorgos Perdikis seeks presidential intervention, while environmental groups accuse the parties responsible for the roadworks of breaching legally binding conditions, and the construction company claims to have kept relevant authorities informed.

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Green Party Leadership: A Step Toward Unity or a Stumble Back?

The Green Party of Cyprus is currently facing challenges such as internal disputes, leadership changes, and a need for unity. Recent resignations have highlighted issues of disunity with the European Green movement and internal policy strife, reflecting a tension between maintaining the status quo and addressing political and environmental imperatives in a polarized landscape.

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