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Larnaca Pioneers Green Mobility with SUM Project

The SUM initiative in Larnaca aims to revolutionize urban transport by integrating bicycles, electric bikes, and public buses into a unified system supported by the PameApp, funded by the EU for sustainable and green mobility solutions. Partnerships between the Municipality of Larnaca and Larnaca Public Transport will launch this pilot project in June 2024, setting the stage for a seamless and ecofriendly transportation network in the city and potentially across Cyprus.

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Athienou Announces Installation of EV Charger

Athienou has installed an electric vehicle (EV) charging station near the Kallinikei municipal building on Andrea Louka street, supporting the community’s push for environmental sustainability and the growing use of EVs. This new initiative aims to make it easier for residents and visitors to access charging infrastructure and demonstrates Athienou’s commitment to green mobility and a cleaner future.

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