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cheese small producers

Halloumi Cheese Controversy: Small Producers at Risk

President Nikos Christodoulides and Agriculture Minister Maria Panayiotou have acknowledged the concerns raised by smallscale halloumi producers and have promised to address the issue. They have agreed to engage in discussions with the cheesemakers to find a solution that balances the protection of halloumi’s PDO status with the sustainability of small producers, offering hope for a positive outcome in the near future.

international law asylum seekers

International Custody Dispute: A Child’s Uncertain Fate

Martina Malikzada, an Afghan asylum seeker, faces heartbreak as her son is abducted by his Turkish Kurdish father, sparking a complex international custody battle. With legal and diplomatic challenges ahead, the case sheds light on the struggles of asylum seekers caught in the crossfire of personal, legal, and political complexities.

healthcare government intervention

Doctors Concerned Over Okypy Finances

Pasyki, the state doctors’ union, is concerned about Okypy’s financial stability. Despite government grants covering deficits until 2025, questions remain about longterm viability and the impact on the healthcare system if Okypy cannot stabilize financially. The goal is a sustainable model without reliance on government funding.

housing market government intervention

Cypriots Being Squeezed Out of the Property Market

Cypriots are facing a housing crisis as escalating rents, rising construction costs, and increased mortgage rates make property ownership unattainable for many. The influx of higherpaid foreign workers has further driven up rental prices in cities, squeezing out locals with more modest incomes.

economic challenges bread pricing

North’s Bread Price Rises Again

The bread price in the north has surged to 15TL (€0.44) due to increased production costs, prompting negotiations with the government to settle on a compromise of 13.50TL (€0.41). The delicate balance between business viability and consumer affordability remains a central concern amidst ongoing economic challenges in the region.

waste management environmental impact

Urgent Relocation for Pentakomo Waste Management Facility

The Pentakomo waste treatment plant in Cyprus is facing eviction due to failure to produce a viable Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF), management disputes, technological challenges, and lack of buyers for its output. The government is stepping in to find a sustainable solution for waste management and plans to engage a consultant to upgrade the plant and align it with the Municipal Waste Management Plan.

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