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unemployment economic recovery

Unemployment at a 15-year low in Cyprus

The Labor Minister of Cyprus recently announced that the country’s unemployment rate has dropped to a 15year low of 6% in the first quarter of 2024, showcasing significant economic recovery. This remarkable improvement from a peak of 17.7% in 2015 highlights the success of governmental policies in reducing unemployment and fostering job creation.

construction sector government initiatives

President Reaffirms Support for Construction Sector

President Nikos Christodoulides has announced a series of measures to support the construction sector in Cyprus, including the introduction of the ‘Build to Rent’ scheme and streamlining of housing incentive applications. These initiatives aim to enhance economic growth and address housing challenges in the country, positioning Cyprus as an attractive destination for investors and fostering sustainable development.

green business startups

Cyprus Business Now: Weekly Wrap-Up

Cyprus is making strides in business innovation and sustainability, with initiatives like Keve’s “Green Business Transition” seminar and startups like ROAR Games securing investments. Government proposals to support startups and efforts in STEM and sports industries are also driving economic development and environmental care in the country.

government initiatives unemployment

Incentive Plans for Jobs for Unemployed

The government has launched two new incentive plans to employ and train 1,265 unemployed individuals, with a budget of €11,694,000 allocated for this purpose. These initiatives target young job seekers under 30 and promote flexible employment options, aiming to maximize job creation across different sectors without restrictions.

cancer prevention government initiatives

Cyprus Targets Cancer Prevention

Cyprus is taking proactive measures to combat the rising trend of cancer through comprehensive action plans focused on prevention and education. Initiatives include developing health policies, implementing populationbased screening programs, and investing in accessible healthcare infrastructure for cancer screenings.

diabetes prevalence public awareness

Diabetes Prevalence in Cyprus: A Growing Concern

Diabetes affects 12.7% of Cyprus’s population, exceeding the global average of 10.5%. The Cypriot government is enhancing public awareness, revising national strategies for prevention and treatment, and improving services through EUfunded projects. Upgrades to diabetic clinics and advancements in care technology are key measures being implemented.

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