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Cabinet Approves Extension to State Health Service Funding

The Cabinet approved a oneyear extension of funding for state health services, Okypy, until May 31, 2025, ensuring continuous public health services amidst financial challenges. This decision highlights the government’s commitment to supporting healthcare and addressing ongoing healthcare demands effectively.

labour compensation fund government action

Call for Labour Compensation Fund

The proposed Labour Compensation Fund aims to protect workers left vulnerable by employer insolvency or insurance company bankruptcy, echoing the safety net provided by motor vehicle insurers. Urgent calls from the House labour committee for a governmentbacked fund highlight the critical need to ensure workers’ rights and workplace safety, with hopes pinned on a potential transformation of worker compensation and support systems.

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The State of Refugee Policy: Is the System Failing?

The state of the refugee policy is currently under scrutiny due to a €20 million budget cut from the Equal Distribution of Burden Agency (FIKV) by the Christodoulides government. This reduction could decrease the Agency’s ability to approve new applications for interest rate subsidization and support people through its programs such as housing loans, student loans, and medical loans. The situation is further complicated by the lack of a comprehensive state refugee policy, leading to increased uncertainty and instability for refugees.

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