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Expanding Healthcare: Gesy’s Inclusive Rehabilitation Services

Gesy’s inclusive rehabilitation services now cater to patients with respiratory conditions, especially those who have endured ICU ventilation or extensive hospital stays. This expansion aims to optimize recovery for individuals with chronic respiratory diseases needing oxygen therapy, emphasizing Gesy’s commitment to adaptive healthcare solutions.

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Abuses in Gesy, €80,000 in fines

In a sweeping crackdown on healthcare fraud, Cyprus’ Health Insurance Organisation (HIO) levied €80,000 in fines against over 40 health service providers for abusing the national health service, Gesy. Through over 350 case examinations and the rejection of 80,000 improper requests, nearly €10 million was saved, as the HIO intensifies efforts to maintain system integrity.

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Addressing Systemic Abuses in Cyprus’ National Health Scheme

Cyprus is addressing systemic abuses in its national health scheme, Gesy, by implementing systematic checks and punishments to tackle exploitation. Efforts are also being made to enhance hospital autonomy, with ongoing financial support discussions between the government and Okypy to realign with original objectives despite delays due to the pandemic.

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Gesy’s Landmark Enrollment Numbers

The Gesy national health scheme in Cyprus has registered 943,978 individuals, which is almost a quarter of the country’s population. Usage statistics reveal that a large number of people have consulted general practitioners, received prescription drugs, been referred to specialists, undergone laboratory tests, visited imaging centers, and attended dental appointments under the scheme, highlighting its positive impact.

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Unnecessary Surgeries under Gesy: A Closer Look

The concern about unnecessary surgeries under the Gesy healthcare system has prompted the Health Insurance Organisation (HIO) to increase monitoring and surveillance activities. With over 90,000 surgeries recorded in Gesy, questions have arisen about the medical necessity of these procedures. The issue of unnecessary surgeries, particularly in gynecology, has highlighted the need for vigilance and scrutiny within the healthcare system. The patients’ association encourages individuals to report any incidents or suspected abuses, while also advising patients to strike a balance between trust in medical professionals and staying informed about their health.

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