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Escalation at Ercan Airport: Union Clashes With Police Over Power Cut

A debt dispute at Ercan Airport led to a dramatic clash between KibTek workers and police over a power cut due to a 92 million Turkish Lira debt owed by holding company T&T, raising concerns about fairness and private influence on state utilities. Union leader Ahmet Tugcu filed a complaint accusing police of protecting private interests, sparking public outcry over the treatment of public assets and the role of state services in the conflict.

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Tatar: British Bases and the Question of Gaza Support

Turkish Cypriot leader Ersin Tatar condemns the alleged use of British military bases in Cyprus to support Israeli operations in Gaza, emphasizing Cyprus’s role as a peaceful homeland and calling for the bases to be used for humanitarian purposes, not conflict escalation. He expresses hope that the bases will be used for peace and humanity, rather than becoming a part of regional conflicts that could destabilize the region and infringe on the rights of the people of Cyprus.

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