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An Overview of the Cyprus Police’s Response to the Auditor General’s Report

In response to the Auditor General’s report, the Cyprus Police have issued a statement addressing various concerns raised. They have emphasized the importance of confidentiality in sensitive security matters, clarified the legality of Police Regulations, upheld nondisclosure policies, reviewed traffic collision procedures, initiated criminal proceedings for traffic law violations by government vehicles, complied with requests for extrajudicial fines, ensured the confidentiality of firearms permits, addressed concerns about ammunition storage and safety, and committed to implementing the report’s recommendations.

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AG Orders Criminal Investigation into Cyprus Olympic Committee Member

The Attorney General of Cyprus has ordered a criminal investigation into a member of the Cyprus Olympic Committee following allegations of financial mismanagement and irregularities. Concerns were raised about the expenses of the Games of the Small States of Europe, particularly the large delegation and disparities in accommodation expenses. The investigation will also examine allegations of poor governance practices and the whereabouts of sponsorship funds. The focus on governance practices within the Committee is likely to prompt calls for reform to restore trust in its operations.

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A New Digital Era: Cyprus Government Launches ‘Diakivernisi’ Portal

The Cyprus government has launched the ‘Diakivernisi’ portal, a digital space aimed at enhancing transparency, accountability, and civic participation. The portal will provide information on government actions and policies, and facilitate twoway communication between citizens and government bodies, setting a new standard for governmentpublic relationships.

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A Fresh Political Wave Sweeps Cyprus

Aichmi, the Democratic Movement for Change in Cyprus, led by MEP Demetris Papadakis, seeks to bring transparency, accountability, and inclusivity to the country’s political system. With a provisional leadership in place, Aichmi aims to tackle national and economic concerns and amplify the voices of the silent majority through democratic reform.

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Navigating Allegations: The Role of Anti-Corruption Investigations

The anticorruption investigation into former Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades is significant for ensuring accountability and reinforcing public trust in the rule of law. It aims to examine serious corruption allegations detailed in the book ‘Kratos Mafia’ and may involve foreign expertise to avoid local bias, bringing transparency and fairness to the process.

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A Slap, Slander, and a High-Ranking Civil Servant Drama

A highranking civil servant at the state broadcaster has been accused of slapping and verbally abusing a male subordinate, sparking a public debate on workplace intimidation and accountability in public service. The incident gained attention after the state broadcaster’s chat show highlighted the allegation, leading to calls for transparency and investigations into the matter.

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An Enhanced Approach to Fuel Pricing Transparency in South Cyprus

South Cyprus’s Energy Ministry has introduced two measures for fuel pricing transparency. The first is a realtime price monitoring system on the ministry’s website, which ranks 295 gas stations based on pricing. The second is a mobile app called ‘Map Cyprus’, which provides hourly updates and allows users to identify the ten cheapest gas stations in their vicinity using GPS technology. These platforms aim to foster competition and aid consumers in making more informed decisions.

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