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Investigating Allegations of Corruption: The Task of Cyprus’ Anti-Corruption Authority

The Cyprus AntiCorruption Authority, led by Charis Poyiadjis, is actively investigating corruption allegations, including those against former President Nicos Anastasiades, with collaboration from international experts. Implementing lobby registration systems and conflict of interest declarations, they are taking concrete steps to ensure transparency and integrity in public decisionmaking processes.

government medicine storage

Govt still searching for new medicine storage

The government is actively seeking a new stateowned property for secure medicine storage following a flood that destroyed supplies worth €880,000. The Health and Transport ministers are collaborating to find a site with the necessary conditions to prevent future losses and ensure the health system’s resilience. Transparency and accountability are also being scrutinized.

infrastructure transparency

Larnaca Port Project Shrouded in Secrecy

The €1.2 billion Larnaca Port project is clouded in secrecy, with details of the contract and progress being kept hidden from the public and officials. Stakeholders are expressing growing concerns over the lack of transparency and uncertainty surrounding the project’s timeline, demanding greater accountability and clarity.

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Calls for Transparency on First Lady’s Social Support Fund

Calls for transparency regarding the First Lady’s social support fund emphasize the importance of accountability and public trust in charitable endeavors, benefiting over 3,721 students with scholarships. Donor anonymity is protected while financial authorities monitor transactions, ensuring donations directly support educational dreams.

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Stalled Progress on Asset Transparency Reveals Legislative Challenges

Efforts to enforce asset transparency for politically exposed persons face legislative challenges, including defining the scope of who should disclose assets and the details required. The debate revolves around consensus on criteria for mandatory capital statements and disagreements over public office holders’ disclosures and timelines. Transparency advocates argue for comprehensive declarations to ensure accountability.

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Scrutiny of Secretarial Allowances Intensifies

The AuditorGeneral, Odysseas Michaelides, has raised concerns over potential overpayments in secretarial allowances to former presidents and House speakers, prompting the possibility of a referral to the anticorruption authority for investigation. The issue revolves around surplus state funds meant for secretarial support being allegedly retained by individuals like George Vassiliou, Nicos Anastasiades, Yiannakis Omirou, Marios Garoyian, and Demetris Syllouris.

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Enhancing Transparency in Influencer Marketing in Cyprus

Cyprus is making strides in enforcing transparency in influencer marketing by requiring clear disclosures in promotional content. The Consumer Protection Service and Advertising Control Agency are collaborating to educate consumers and influencers through guidelines and awareness campaigns, ensuring ethical standards are upheld.

church scandal

Holy Synod Court Proceedings Begin Amidst Scandal

The Holy Synod court proceedings have commenced, addressing allegations against two monks from the Osios Avakum monastery involving sexual misconduct and financial impropriety. This scandal has sparked concerns about transparency and accountability within the church, as highranking ecclesiastical figures convene to deliberate away from the public eye.

scandal ecclesiastical court

State now free to act on monks’ sex scandal

The scandal at Osiou Avakoum monastery involves two monks accused of sexual misconduct and financial fraud, amassing 800,000 euros. The Holy Synod and state authorities are investigating the allegations to ensure transparency and accountability within the religious institution.

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