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finance sustainable growth

Keravnos Targets Enrichment of Economic Model

Finance Minister Makis Keravnos is dedicated to enhancing Cyprus’s economic model through sustainable growth and increased investments, with a focus on sectors like agriculture and tourism. He aims to create synergies across sectors, implement reforms, and transition towards a green and digital economy, projecting stable inflation rates and reduced public debt by 2026.

legal regulatory oversight

Bank of Cyprus Overturns Significant Fine

The Bank of Cyprus successfully appealed a €950,000 fine imposed by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission due to a breach in impartiality. This legal victory highlights the importance of fairness in financial regulatory enforcement and may lead to changes in how regulatory bodies handle similar cases in the future.

real estate sector pwc cyprus

Cyprus Real Estate Sector Demonstrates Strong Resilience

The PwC Cyprus Annual Real Estate Report for 2023 shows a strong real estate market in Cyprus, with transactions reaching €5.5 billion. While the highend market saw a decline, the Larnaca district experienced a 22% increase, and foreign property acquisitions rose by 16%, emphasizing Cyprus’s appeal for business.

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