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Larnaca: A Rising Star in Real Estate Investment

Larnaca, Cyprus, has become a hotspot for real estate investment, with a 36% cost reduction on preowned properties compared to new ones, making it an attractive choice for investors and homebuyers. The city’s market dynamics reflect a growing trend of property ‘flipping’, showcasing its adaptability and potential for growth in the residential real estate sector.

real estate investment

Larnaca Real Estate: A Rising Star

Larnaca Real Estate is on the rise, with key projects like ‘Land of Tomorrow’ and a new Marina transforming the city’s landscape. Mayor Andreas Vyras and international investment firm Shuna Group are leading the charge, showcasing Larnaca’s potential for investors seeking a Mediterranean lifestyle.

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An Authentic Taste of China at Feng’s House in Larnaca

Diners at Feng’s House in Larnaca can savor authentic Chinese cuisine such as Sesame Prawn Toast and Pork with Cashew Nuts in a welcoming atmosphere along the Finikoudes promenade. With efficient service and reasonable prices, this restaurant offers a prime seafront dining experience worth revisiting.

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Cyprus Business Now: Weekly Wrap-Up

In October 2023, Limassol Port saw a recordbreaking 31 cruise ship calls, bringing in 48,000 passengers. Gulf Air also increased flights to Larnaca and Athens to enhance air connectivity. The Bank of Cyprus reported a strong financial performance with €349 million aftertax profit, and the Cypriot economy showed resilience with a growth rate of 2.5% in Q3 2023.

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