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NGOs Call for Halt to Akamas Developments

Environmental NGOs are urging a halt to road expansions in Akamas National Park due to concerns over legal process adherence and the risk to local biodiversity. Improvements to main forest roads are proceeding without a comprehensive reevaluation, threatening endemic bird species and flora, and bypassing the special ecological assessment report’s recommendations.

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Cyprus: A Flamboyant Flamingo Paradise

Cyprus, especially the salt lake in Larnaca and the small lake G├╝lseren in Famagusta, is a favorite stopover for tens of thousands of flamingos during their migration between November and March. These lakes provide a perfect habitat for flamingos, making Cyprus a vibrant spectacle of flamingo activity. The flamingos’ vivid plumage against the backdrop of these beautiful locales is a mustsee for any wildlife enthusiast or amateur birdwatcher. In addition to flamingos, Famagusta offers vibrant celebrations, community harmony, and cultural events, making it a diverse and exciting destination for all.

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