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financial mismanagement safety lapses

Financial Mismanagement in the Defense Ministry

The Audit Office has found financial mismanagement in the Defense Ministry, including prolonged negotiations with Cyta, safety regulation lapses in ammunition depots, incorrect inventory markings, and personnel absenteeism without documentation. A delayed grenade recall compliance was also identified, highlighting the need for improved accountability and adherence to regulations within the ministry.

financial mismanagement transparency

AG Orders Criminal Investigation into Cyprus Olympic Committee Member

The Attorney General of Cyprus has ordered a criminal investigation into a member of the Cyprus Olympic Committee following allegations of financial mismanagement and irregularities. Concerns were raised about the expenses of the Games of the Small States of Europe, particularly the large delegation and disparities in accommodation expenses. The investigation will also examine allegations of poor governance practices and the whereabouts of sponsorship funds. The focus on governance practices within the Committee is likely to prompt calls for reform to restore trust in its operations.

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