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Empowering Financial Literacy in Cyprus with Hellenic Bank’s Initiative

Through the ‘Financial Alphabet’ initiative, Hellenic Bank is revolutionizing financial education in Cyprus, equipping individuals with crucial knowledge on fiscal responsibility, saving, budgeting, and more. With the support of partners like ActionAid Hellas and funding from the European Investment Bank Institute, this programme is paving the way for a financially savvy and empowered community in Cyprus.

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Financial Fragility Among Cypriots: A Growing Concern

Financial fragility in Cyprus is a significant concern, with one in three Cypriots unable to handle emergency expenses without loans or aid. Studies show that 60% lack emergency savings for three months of living expenses, and less than 40% have a good level of financial knowledge, exacerbating their vulnerability, particularly in the face of the COVID19 pandemic.

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President helps CBC to promote financial literacy [video]

In a bid to boost financial literacy, the Central Bank of Cyprus (CBC) has rolled out a series of educational videos, backed by President Nikos Christodoulides and CBC Governor Constantinos Herodotou. These videos aim to educate citizens, especially the youth, on making informed financial decisions to secure their economic futures, aligning with the theme of Global Money Week 2024 “Protect Your Money, Secure Your Future.”

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Empowering the Youth: Financial Literacy Initiatives by PwC Cyprus Foundation

The PwC Cyprus Foundation launched an educational outreach programme during Global Money Week, focusing on enhancing financial literacy among the youth. Partnering with local ministries and organizations, it provides interactive sessions led by PwC volunteers to teach students vital financial skills, with the theme “Protect your money, secure your future.” This initiative highlights the commitment of PwC Cyprus Foundation to empower the younger generations with essential financial knowledge, ensuring a prosperous future for all involved.

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CySEC Joins Global Forces in Promoting Financial Literacy

The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) is actively participating in Global Money Week 2024, focusing on promoting financial literacy and educating individuals on avoiding investment risks. Through a series of events, university lectures, school presentations, updated guides on online investments, and social media campaigns, CySEC is dedicated to spreading awareness and empowering the public with financial knowledge.

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Empowering Financial Literacy: CBC Coordinates Global Money Week 2024

The Central Bank of Cyprus (CBC) is spearheading the Global Money Week 2024, running from March 18 to 24, to boost financial literacy among youth through engaging activities and educational campaigns. With a theme of “Protect Your Money, Secure Your Future,” the initiative aims to empower young individuals with essential financial knowledge and skills for effective money management.

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