financial disputes

larnaca marina project commitment

Larnaca Marina’s Kition Project: Clarifying a Misunderstanding

The Larnaca Marina’s Kition Project dispute centers on a financial guarantee, with the government demanding €10 million and Kition Ocean Holdings submitting only €4.2 million. Negotiations and potential legal action highlight the project’s vital role in Cyprus’s economy and tourism, underscoring the need for resolution.

project management diplomacy

Positive Turnaround for Cyprus’ Vasiliko LNG Terminal Project

The Vasiliko LNG terminal project in Cyprus is making a positive turnaround after a period of conflict, with the government and CPPMetron Consortium working together to meet the yearend deadline. Diplomatic efforts, skilled worker imports, and oversight bodies indicate a renewed push towards successful project completion and a boost for Cyprus’ energy sector and economy.

scandal ecclesiastical battles

Church Clash Escalates Amidst Allegations

The scandal at Osiou Avakoum Monastery has erupted in accusations of sexual misconduct, financial deception, and fake miracles involving its monks. Leaked CCTV footage has triggered an ecclesiastical trial and police probe into the monastery’s alleged wrongdoings, revealing a tumultuous clash within the cloistered walls.

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