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faith scandal

A Call for Steadfast Faith Amid Monastic Scandals

Bishop Isaias calls for unwavering faith amidst the turmoil at the Osiou Avakoum monastery in Fterikoudes, Nicosia. Despite scandals, he urges the faithful to maintain perspective, uphold faith, and support those in anguish, emphasizing the enduring strength of the church guided by Christ.

finance regulation

Cyprus Banks on Track to Meet MREL Goals, According to SRB Chief

Cypriot banks, such as the Bank of Cyprus and Hellenic Bank, are making significant strides towards meeting their MREL goals, ensuring financial stability and resilience. The Single Resolution Board Chief commended their progress, highlighting the importance of these targets in enhancing the banking sector’s capacity to absorb losses and navigate challenges.

peacekeeping resolution

Urgent call to solve Cyprus problem on Unficyp’s 60-year anniversary

As Unficyp commemorates 60 years on Cyprus soil, the urgent call to resolve the island’s longstanding divide echoes through the halls of Nicosia’s old town hall. Chief Colin Stewart urges swift action, emphasizing that peacekeeping is a temporary fix, not a permanent solution, underscoring the need for all stakeholders to come together and forge a lasting resolution.

cyprus negotiations

Christodoulides’s Potential for Resolving the Cyprus Problem

Nikos Christodoulides, the new president of Cyprus, holds promise in resolving the Cyprus problem with his nonpartisan approach, offering a chance for progress in negotiations on key issues such as territory, property, and EU membership. His unique position, free from party pressures, may lead to support from factions like Akel, potentially paving the way for consensus and a historic resolution to the longstanding conflict.

foreclosure reform rapid resolution

Urgent Foreclosure Reform Faces Parliamentary Vote

The upcoming parliamentary vote on foreclosure reform legislation could bring significant changes to the process. Proposed reforms include empowering the supreme court to assign judges for rapid resolution of foreclosure disputes and expanding the Financial Ombudsman’s authority to cover more types of properties and financial grievances, aimed at providing faster and fairer resolutions for homeowners facing foreclosure.

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