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Understanding Trust in Cypriot Society

In Cyprus, family forms the cornerstone of society, with strong familial ties providing a crucial support system in a culture marked by historical challenges. Trust in nonrelatives and public institutions remains low, pushing Cypriots towards reliance on family networks for legal, medical, and financial support, celebrated through frequent gatherings and traditions.

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A Minute with Xenia Zorpidou: Visual Artist and Art Educator

Xenia Zorpidou, a visual artist and art educator based in Limassol, Cyprus, leads a vibrant life filled with passion for art, teaching, and meaningful connections. Drawing inspiration from nature, literature, and personal experiences, Xenia creates artwork that reflects her values and shares her love for art with her students. Through her daily rituals, cherished relationships, and artistic expressions, Xenia embraces authenticity and finds beauty in the act of creation.

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A Cozy Café & Restaurant in Lefke: Sultan Sáplan’s Culinary Gem

Discover the culinary gem of Lefke, Cyprus: Sultan Sáplan’s Café & Restaurant. Indulge in authentic Cypriot cuisine with stunning views and a cozy family atmosphere. From Lahmahcum to Karisik pide, every dish is prepared with fresh, locallysourced ingredients. Explore Northern Cyprus and all its beauty, from seasonal events to picturesque landscapes.

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