fair system of distributing and housing refugees

government housing assistance

Government to Revise Housing Assistance Criteria for Refugees

The government is set to revise housing assistance criteria for refugees to improve inclusivity, reduce rejection rates, and speed up processing times. Changes include refining benchmarks, inviting parliamentary input, adjusting meanstesting, and modifying the timeframe for title deed applications, all aimed at enhancing fairness and efficiency in the support system.

refugees construction

Work on New Refugee Homes to Begin in July

Construction of the first new homes for refugees is set to start in July, as part of the government’s ‘Ktizo’ initiative. This project aims to replace unsafe housing and provide habitable living spaces, with initial plans to demolish and rebuild 20 unfit apartment buildings, ensuring safety and community wellbeing.

migrants humanitarian crisis

A Humanitarian Challenge at Cape Greco

Amidst the waves near Cape Greco, a group of 141 individuals, predominantly Syrian refugees, arrived seeking safety on Cyprus shores, highlighting the ongoing humanitarian challenge in the Mediterranean. The Pournara Reception Centre offers initial support, but the surge in arrivals underscores the need for regional cooperation and comprehensive policies to ensure the migrants’ safety, dignity, and integration into host societies.

refugees inadequate housing

The Plight of Refugees in Cyprus: Decades of Inadequate Housing

Refugees in Cyprus have been living in unsafe buildings for over 20 years, despite promises of reconstruction. The government’s delays in addressing the housing crisis have left hundreds in precarious conditions, highlighting the urgent need for immediate action and attention to ensure the safety and wellbeing of these vulnerable communities.

humanitarian relief land rights

Humanitarian Relief: Crown Land Title Deeds for Refugees

The Sovereign Base Areas Administration allocates title deeds to refugees on Crown land, impacting 970 plots over 170,000 sqm within its jurisdiction. This move by the SBAA provides stability and legal property ownership to descendants of refugees who’ve built homes on these lands since around 1980, in collaboration with the Republic of Cyprus.

migration tragedy

Tragic End to a Perilous Journey

In a tragic turn of events off the coast of Cyprus, a sixyearold child lost their life during a perilous migration attempt from Syria. Facing extreme conditions, including starvation and dehydration, refugees risked their lives to seek safety, showcasing the harsh realities of their journeys.

eu asylum deal dublin regulation

EU’s Asylum Deal Under Scrutiny

The new EU asylum and migration deal has faced criticism from Akel in Cyprus for perpetuating burdens on Mediterranean states like Cyprus, failing to distribute refugees fairly among EU states, allowing countries to optout of hosting duties, potentially undermining human rights protections, and not ensuring compulsory relocations for countries like Cyprus. The deal has sparked controversy and divided opinions on its effectiveness and impact.

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