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Lottides Advocates for Prisoners’ Right to Beds

The overcrowded conditions in Wing 1B of the central prison, where inmates are forced to sleep on gymnasium floors, violate international human rights standards. Maria Stylianou Lottides’ advocacy aims to ensure prisoners have their own beds and adequate personal space for dignified treatment, highlighting the urgent need for action from Justice Minister Marios Hartsiotis and prison authorities.

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Stranded Migrants Grapple with Despair in No Man’s Land

Asylum seekers in the UN buffer zone near the University of Cyprus endure stifling humidity, makeshift facilities, and emotional turmoil, their plea for dignity and access to asylum procedures contrasting with their current state of despair and unfulfilled dreams. Living in a harsh limbo, these individuals face daily challenges and an uncertain future, trapped between impossibility and rejection while holding onto fading hopes of a life lived with dignity.

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Investigation Urged by PACE Member Over Cyprus Property Sales Arrests

Turkish Cypriot officials at PACE are calling for an investigation into recent Cyprus property sales arrests, raising concerns about the Immovable Property Commission’s role in resolving disputes and safeguarding individuals’ rights in the region. The arrests, which contradict IPC decisions, challenge fair adjudication and stir tensions in the ongoing property disputes between Greek and Turkish Cypriots.

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Time for Truth Commission on Missing is now

The proposal to establish a Truth Commission in Cyprus aims to uncover the truth behind individuals missing from conflicts since 1960s, fostering reconciliation through immunity for information disclosure. With global support, including the presence of UN envoy Maria Angela Holguin, this pivotal decision could reshape the nation’s approach to addressing longstanding human rights violations.

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Cyprus Asserts Commitment to Human Rights at UN Candidacy Presentation

Cyprus asserts its strong dedication to human rights in its UN candidacy presentation, prioritizing equality, addressing human rights violations, and fostering global peace and stability. The nation actively seeks to enhance international collaboration, promote gender equality, criminalize femicide, and combat human trafficking domestically, setting a strong example for national policy mirroring international human rights standards.

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The Delicate Balance of Democracy and Human Rights

The rise of extreme rightwing parties in the European Union challenges human rights principles despite being a democratic choice, posing a conflict between democracy and safeguarding vulnerable groups like immigrants and refugees. The tension between these ideals reflects the delicate balance between upholding democratic values and ensuring the protection of human rights, especially in the face of rising populism and nationalist sentiments.

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