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Paraplegics’ Organisation Wins 2023 Stella Soulioti Award

The Paraplegics’ Organisation has won the prestigious 2023 Stella Soulioti human rights award, receiving €10,000 in recognition of their commitment to advocating for the rights and social integration of individuals with disabilities in Cyprus. The award ceremony will take place at the foreign ministry on December 28, celebrating the organization’s exceptional contribution to the defense of human rights in Cyprus and honoring the legacy of Stella Soulioti, the only female attorneygeneral in Cyprus’ history.

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National Strategy for LGBT Rights and the Fight Against Antisemitism in Cyprus

Cyprus is advancing LGBT rights and combating antisemitism through a national strategy aimed at protection and safeguarding. This includes upholding human rights, aligning with the EU’s Charter of Fundamental Rights, and promoting equality. Efforts also focus on action plans against violence towards women and respecting individual dignity for an inclusive society. Justice Minister Anna Procopiou has taken a dedicated stance towards these causes, highlighting the importance of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and showcasing Cyprus’s commitment to progress and inclusivity for all citizens.

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World Human Rights Day: A Pivotal Moment in Human History

December 10th is World Human Rights Day, commemorating the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948. This day serves as a reminder that human rights are universal, nonnegotiable, and the duty of states to protect. The Cyprus Police has taken proactive measures to uphold human rights, including establishing specialized offices, issuing guidelines, improving detention facilities, and providing education and awareness programs for officers.

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Parliamentary Discontent Over Delayed Prison Reform Bill

Parliamentary discontent in Cyprus stems from a delay in presenting a bill to modernize the prison system and align it with European Court of Human Rights standards. The justice ministry’s request for additional time has frustrated MPs, highlighting a disconnect between promises and the reality of legal services.

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