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Borrell discusses Cyprus problem with Holguin

High Representative of the EU for Foreign Affairs, Josep Borrell, and UN Secretary General’s Personal Envoy on Cyprus, Maria Holguin, recently discussed the Cyprus problem, emphasizing the EU’s support for finding a lasting solution to the region’s complex history of division. The upcoming visits and diplomatic efforts aim to rekindle negotiations and potentially pave the way for reunification talks, with the EU playing a crucial role in mediating discussions and promoting stability in the region.

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Boosting Turkish Cypriot Enterprises: New EU Support Programme

The EU has launched a new support programme for Turkish Cypriot enterprises, offering €4 million in funds to boost small and mediumsized businesses. Through training, mentoring, and business development, the initiative aims to integrate these enterprises into the EU single market by improving standards, digitization, and sustainability.

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Cyprus Advances in Digital Connectivity

Cyprus has made significant strides in digital connectivity with EU support, establishing a Broadband competence office and upgrading networks in remote areas like the Troodos Mountains school. The focus on inclusivity ensures equitable access for all, showcasing Cyprus’s commitment to bridging the digital divide and fostering innovation across the island.

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