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Rizokarpaso Students’ Education: A Commitment to Support

The Ministry of Education is dedicated to supporting Rizokarpaso students in northern Cyprus, ensuring quality education and preserving cultural heritage. Minister Athena Michaelidou’s pledge to address their educational needs highlights a commitment to reinforcing the community’s identity and values despite geopolitical challenges.

humanitarian international collaboration

President Pledges Renewed Support for CMP

President Nikos Christodoulides pledges renewed support for the Committee on Missing Persons (CMP) to locate and identify missing persons from the events of 1974 in Cyprus. Collaborative efforts with local and international entities will continue to ensure justice and closure for affected families, reaffirming the nation’s commitment to addressing this crucial humanitarian issue.

green taxation economic ripple effects

The Complexity of Green Taxation and the Public Response

The public response to green taxation is marked by skepticism and concern over rising costs, as businesses pass on expenses to consumers, potentially leading to inflation. As Cyprus navigates these challenges, the government faces a delicate balance between environmental goals and economic realities, requiring transparent and pragmatic governance to address public apprehension and uncertainty.

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