sports ethics

Investigating Alleged Match Manipulation in Cypriot Football

The investigation into alleged match manipulation in Cypriot football has uncovered concerns about up to seven games being improperly influenced between 2019 and the previous year. Police investigations are ongoing, and recommendations have been made to the Cyprus Football Association to strengthen their regulatory framework and uphold the integrity of the championship.

ethics public service

Scandal Tremors: Public Sector Reemployment Amidst Controversy

Amidst a scandal involving a fraudulent diploma scheme at Cyprus Health and Social Sciences University, Meray Durust has been reappointed to a public sector role despite facing police investigation with her husband. This controversial decision has sparked a policy debate on whether individuals under legal scrutiny should hold government positions, raising concerns about accountability and public trust in public institutions.

legal ethics

Legal Scrutiny over Attorney’s Allegations

The legal world is abuzz with allegations made by lawyer Efstathios Efstathiou against the Attorney General of Cyprus and others, accusing them of colluding with Russian oligarch Oleg Boyko to transfer $113.4 million in shares illegally. The Bar Association’s deliberations over these claims are crucial, as they navigate the intricate legal dynamics and ethical standards at play, with the outcome poised to impact the reputation of the legal system as a whole.

ethics patient rights

Ethical Dilemmas in Medical Procedures: The Makarios Hospital Case

The Makarios Hospital case highlights ethical dilemmas surrounding abortion procedures, as anaesthesiologists express reluctance despite specific conditions allowing terminations in cases of abuse, abnormalities, or lifethreatening risks to women. The incident has sparked concerns about staff accountability, patient rights, and the intersection of personal beliefs with medical ethics at the institution.

vaccination misinformation

Addressing the Conundrums of Covid-19 Vaccination

The controversy over Covid19 vaccines continues to raise questions about side effects, protection levels, and ethical concerns. Transparency in public health communication and ongoing scientific research are crucial to address lingering hesitancy and misinformation surrounding vaccination efforts.

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