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Protest Over Unfair Dismissals Shakes Cyprus’ Prisons

The protest at Cyprus’ central prison complex is driven by prison guard unions in response to the unfair dismissal of thirteen guards due to understaffing. This demonstration aims to shed light on the critical issue of staffing shortages that compromise security within the country’s penal establishments.

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Protesters Demand Tree Restoration After Mass Clearout

Protesters in Limassol demand immediate restoration of over 50 trees in Dasoudi, threatening further protests if demands are not met within two weeks. Mayor Xydias criticizes forestry department for excessive clearout, highlighting the importance of urban green spaces for wildlife and community wellbeing.

environmental advocacy protest

Protest Planned in Limassol Over Tree Cutting

The protest in Limassol, organized by Friends of the Earth Cyprus, is in response to the tree cutting in the Dasoudi area. They are demanding transparency from the Forestry Department, sustainable management practices, and immediate restoration work to protect the local ecosystem and wildlife.

agriculture government subsidies

Farmers in Paphos Stand Ready for Protest

Farmers in Paphos are demanding increased government subsidies to address financial struggles worsened by international conflicts and the Covid19 pandemic. Their planned protest near Paphos airport aims to draw attention to the urgent need for fair support to sustain agricultural heritage and cope with rising operational costs.

greek cypriots erdogan protest

Greek Cypriots Arrested in Erdogan Protest

Approximately 15 to 20 Greek Cypriot students were arrested for protesting outside the Turkish embassy during President Erdogan’s visit to Athens. The students, linked to the nationalist group DrasisKes, opposed Erdogan’s presence, leading to heightened security measures and a temporary ban on public gatherings.

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