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UK Cypriots Stand United Against Past Aggressions

Over 500 UK Cypriots rallied near the Turkish Embassy in London to mark the 50year anniversary of the Turkish invasion of Cyprus, demanding the withdrawal of Turkish troops and calling for the reunification and peace of Cyprus. The demonstration, organized by the National Federation of Cypriots in the UK, showcased a passionate and unified stand against past aggressions, with resolutions submitted to key figures in the UK government and the Turkish Ambassador to London.

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Farmers set to protest over water shortage

Farmers are protesting over a severe water shortage, demanding increased water allocation to save crops at risk in regions like the Famagusta district and Paphos. The reliance on highsalinity borehole water threatens both this season’s yield and future soil quality, prompting fears of product scarcity and higher consumer costs in the agricultural sector.

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Pensioners Threaten Mass Protest if Issues Remain Unresolved

Pensioners’ union Ekysy in Cyprus threatens a mass protest if demands for increased pensions, healthcare coverage, and revisions to income thresholds remain unmet. The looming deadline of October 3rd sets the stage for potential resolution or escalation as these elderly citizens demand substantive, longterm solutions to address their financial struggles.

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Sea Sports Association Protests Tender Delays

The Sea Sports Association in Ayia Napa protests against delays in evaluating operating license tenders, impacting livelihoods and the local economy. They demand fair treatment and transparency from local authorities to ensure the continuation of their waterbased businesses and services for tourists and locals.

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Larnaca Port Workers Rally for Rights

Larnaca port workers rallied against Kition Ocean Holdings’ job terminations, prompting government intervention to secure their employment while a new operator is sought, as international interest from Qatar emerges for the port’s future development.

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Arikli to Sue Farmer Over Ongoing Protest

In Northern Cyprus, Transport Minister Erhan Arikli is suing Mustafa Naimogullari over alleged slander during ongoing protests by local farmers against the government’s decision to import meat. The tensions have escalated, with farmers protesting the importation plans aimed at reducing consumer prices, prompting legal action and further complications in the delicate balancing act between supporting local producers and meeting consumer demands.

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General Strike Threatened Over North Meat Imports

Tensions soar in Northern Cyprus as trade unionists threaten a general strike over governmentapproved meat imports from the Netherlands. Local farmers protest against the decision, fearing for their livelihoods and demanding a reversal to protect their heritage and industry.

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Ypsonas Students’ Protest Over School Conditions

The Ypsonas students’ protest over poor school conditions in Limassol is a bold stand against neglect and unfair treatment. They demand urgent renovation of unsafe buildings and equal rights to a safe learning environment, sparking a series of planned responses to address their concerns and fight for educational equality.

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