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Pulling up a Chair to Cyprus Craft

The Phini Chair initiative in Cyprus, led by the Dio Dio Collective, aims to revive the traditional chairmaking industry in the village of Phini. It focuses on preserving this craft through skill transmission, research, and documentation, highlighting cultural resilience and the importance of sustainable practices in artisanal craftsmanship. The Dio Dio Collective, founded by Konstantina Achilleos and Tuomas Venalainen, utilizes reclaimed materials and recycled silver to create unique pieces of handicraft, including the Phini Chair. Through their research and education efforts, they aim to inspire others to embrace and innovate upon these timehonored techniques, while also seeking tangible cultural policy support to sustain the island’s heritage.

violence against women women's rights

Urgent Call to Address Violence Against Women in the North

The Turkish Cypriot police in the North have implemented a zerotolerance policy towards violence against women, with a specialized branch established in 2018 and extended across the region by 2021. With 831 complaints already registered this year, the police are committed to immediate evaluation and sensitive investigation of all reports, emphasizing their zerotolerance stance and rapid legal action. Meanwhile, the government has invested in 40 electric vehicles, setting an example for sustainability and future green technology adoption.

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Nicosia Joins Map of Innovative European Cities

Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus, has joined the ranks of innovative European cities with its “Development of Smart City Infrastructure and Systems” initiative. With €6.5 million in funding, the city is implementing digital reforms and smart solutions such as smart parking, lighting, and dog management to enhance urban living and pave the way for a green and digital future.

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Cyprus Tourism Businesses Encouraged to Utilize Grant Opportunity

The Cyprus Chamber of Commerce & Industry (KeveI) has extended the deadline for the ISTARS grant scheme, offering up to €5,600 per tourism company to support sustainable practices. The aim of the program is to attract quality tourists, reduce environmental impact, and provide financial and expert support to enhance sustainability in the tourism industry.

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Pioneering Sustainable Practices in Winemaking

The European winemaking industry is embracing sustainability by repurposing emissions and residues. Innovations include capturing CO2 from fermentation to cultivate nutrientdense algae for animal feed and cosmetics, reducing emissions by 30% through the REDWine project, and turning grape pomace into natural health products through the NeoGiANT initiative. These projects not only reduce greenhouse gas emissions but also offer economic benefits and healthier alternatives to antibiotics, showcasing the industry’s commitment to sustainability and innovation.

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