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Environmental Protection Prevails in Cape Greco Monastery Decision

The construction of a new monastery on Cape Greco was rejected due to its location within the environmentally protected Natura 2000 network, highlighting the importance of preserving biodiversityrich habitats. The Famagusta Constantia bishopric’s appeal was denied by the interior ministry, emphasizing the priority of conservation efforts over development projects in the region.

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Audit Office Slams Inaction Over Illegal Livestock Farms

The Audit Office has criticized the inaction towards illegal livestock farms, highlighting their environmental impact and public health risks. Specifically, farms operating without permits in protected areas like the Chanoutaris Cliffs in Paphos pose threats to ecological balance and product safety, calling for immediate regulatory enforcement to address these issues and protect public wellbeing.

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RE:SOURCE Exhibition: The Environmental Protection and Resources of Cyprus

RE:SOURCE Exhibition in Cyprus merges art with ecoconsciousness, showcasing sustainable practices and nature’s resources. Hosted by the City Friends Club and ARTNOW team at The Warehouse by ITQuarter from May 17 to May 21, 2024, this event promotes environmental protection through art, fashion, and workshops, aiming to spark conversations and inspire action for resource conservation in Cyprus.

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Environmental Protection: A Wavering Commitment in Cyprus

Cyprus struggles with environmental protection as government inaction and disregard for regulations persist, leading to failure in enforcing conservation measures for 28 of 37 Special Areas of Conservation. Despite EU pressure, the lack of effective legislation and political will poses a significant threat to safeguarding Cyprus’s natural heritage.

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Investigative Review on Cape Greco Construction Breaches

An investigative review on Cape Greco construction breaches reveals regulatory noncompliance with the EU Habitats Directive and political interference, leading to ecological disruption in the ‘Ammos tou Kambouri’ area and threatening the habitat of the greater sand plover. Strict adherence to environmental guidelines and transparency in the regulatory process is crucial to address these concerns and protect the delicate ecosystems in the region.

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