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A Family Man Fosters Growth in the Urban Jungle

Philippos Kameris built his demolition business in Cyprus through hard work, expanding services, and prioritizing family values and environmental responsibility. His company, Philippos Kameris Group, is now a leader in the industry, known for innovative demolition methods and a commitment to safety and ecological conservation.

environmental conservation restoration efforts

Urgent Restoration Needed for Akamas Before Rainy Season

Urgent restoration efforts are needed for the Akamas peninsula, including halting unauthorized activities, removing construction waste, and undertaking significant landscaping, to prevent soil erosion and habitat destruction before the rainy season. An independent environmental assessment is crucial to guide the restoration process and protect the unique ecological fabric and wildlife of Akamas.

environmental conservation corporate responsibility

Lidl Supports Island-Wide Clean-Up Campaign in Cyprus

Lidl, the Major Sponsor for the Let’s Do It! Cyprus cleanup campaign, organized a largescale event to clean up Pedieos Linear Park, demonstrating its commitment to sustainability and corporate responsibility. Through their partnership, Lidl aims to promote environmental stewardship and raise awareness for ecological responsibility, working towards a greener future in Cyprus.

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