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Protest Planned in Limassol Over Tree Cutting

The protest in Limassol, organized by Friends of the Earth Cyprus, is in response to the tree cutting in the Dasoudi area. They are demanding transparency from the Forestry Department, sustainable management practices, and immediate restoration work to protect the local ecosystem and wildlife.

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‘Phenomenal’ Greens say hope for better tomorrow

The Green Party, celebrating its 28th anniversary, is a beacon of hope for a sustainable future, championing environmental and social justice within Cyprus and beyond. Led by George Perdikis, the party’s legacy of environmental advocacy and global cooperation sets the stage for a better tomorrow, with a commitment to putting nature and humanity first.

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Advocating for Women’s Health in Cyprus

Kathy Kattashis founded the Mitra Cyprus Menopause Centre to address the needs of perimenopausal and menopausal women in Cyprus, where their healthcare needs are often overlooked. The nonprofit organization aims to provide support, spread awareness, and advocate for the integration of menopause education in state healthcare programs, creating a community where women’s health during these life stages is recognized and supported.

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Pope Francis’ Groundbreaking Attendance at COP28 Climate Conference

Pope Francis’ attendance at the COP28 climate conference in Dubai is historic, marking the first time a pope participates in the U.N. climate meeting since its inception. His presence underscores the Vatican’s commitment to environmental advocacy and highlights the critical role religious leadership plays in the global dialogue on climate change action.

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