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Tackling Construction Waste: The Road to Sustainable Development

Cyprus is taking decisive steps to manage construction waste, with legislation enforcement, fines totaling €21,000, and a focus on recycling through a technical committee. These efforts underscore the country’s commitment to sustainable development, ensuring that progress is mindful of its environmental impact and paves the way for a greener future.

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Bug Plague Threatens Cyprus’ Prickly Pears

Cyprus is battling an invasive mealybug infestation threatening the island’s prickly pear cacti, a plant vital for its landscape and nutritious papoutsosyko fruit. Conservation efforts include biological controls and farming practices to protect this crucial crop from destruction.

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Changing Minds: The Path to a Greener Cyprus

The main challenge in combating illegal dumping in Cyprus is not just the littering habits but a deeper issue of a ‘not in my backyard’ mentality. Minister Maria Panayiotou’s action plan addresses this growing problem, as illegal landfills pose fire hazards and reflect a transactional view of land lacking attachment to nature, highlighting the need for reeducation to foster respect for Cyprus’ environment.

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Paphos Fire Ignited by Unlikely Culprit: Broken Glass

A small piece of broken glass caused the wildfire in Paphos’s Pelathousa village, acting like a magnifying glass to start a devastating blaze. This unexpected trigger highlights the need for constant vigilance and preventive measures against unlikely fire starters to protect our communities and environment.

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Combating the Creep of Desertification in Cyprus

Cyprus is fighting desertification with the Terrasafe initiative, supported by the EU. Local experts and farmers are using advanced techniques and technologies to protect the land from soil degradation, aiming to preserve the island’s rural charm for generations to come.

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Forestry Department Receives Staffing Enhancement

The Forestry Department has bolstered its firefighting capacity by hiring 108 contract personnel, including firefighters and specialized vehicle operators, showcasing a proactive approach to forest fire prevention. This move, approved by the cabinet, reflects a commitment to environmental conservation and marks a significant step in enhancing operational capabilities within the department.

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Presidential Palace Embraces Sustainability

The presidential palace of Cyprus has achieved sustainability by earning the ‘zero waste to landfill’ certification, setting a green example for other government buildings on the island. Sustainability efforts include replacing bottled water with water dispensers, introducing recycling bins, creating ecofriendly habitats, and promoting biodiversity on the palace grounds.

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Tackling the Menace of Illegal Dumpsites

The menance of illegal dumpsites in Cyprus is reaching critical levels, with fires erupting at alarming rates due to decomposing materials. MPs are proposing solutions such as establishing green points, implementing firebreaks, and enhancing waste management to combat this environmental hazard and protect communities.

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Potamos Liopetri Harbour: A Natural Jewel in Jeopardy

Potamos Liopetri harbour in Cyprus is under threat from illegal waste dumping, jeopardizing its natural beauty and wildlife. The local community is calling for action to protect this Special Protection Area from further environmental degradation and preserve its ecological significance.

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