energy exploitation

migrant workers exploitation

Court to Probe Alleged Exploitation of Migrant Workers

The Nicosia Criminal Court is investigating seven migrant workers’ exploitation on a livestock farm, with charges including poor living conditions, overwork, unpaid overtime, and document withholding. This case sheds light on global labor exploitation issues, emphasizing the necessity of enforcing worker protection laws for vulnerable populations.

exploitation asylum seekers

Man Arrested for Exploiting Asylum Seekers

A man was arrested in northern Cyprus for robbing asylum seekers he had smuggled from Turkey. The refugees were deceived and stripped of their belongings upon arrival in Tymbou, leading to the suspect’s detention after the victims reported the crime to Turkish Cypriot police.

cyprus cooperation

Cyprus Embraces Positive Energy Synergies, Chevron Responds

Cyprus is committed to fostering cooperation among energy sector players, aiming for shared infrastructure and collective efforts in exploiting natural gas reserves within its EEZ. The Cypriot government, led by Energy Minister George Papanastasiou, advocates for synergistic partnerships and emphasizes the importance of cooperation for efficient resource harnessing, while also looking to diversify with renewable energy sources. Chevron, in response, is expected to communicate its stance on the Aphrodite gas field by December 1, with the government hopeful for future collaboration and mutual understanding in the pursuit of a collective approach to energy exploitation.

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