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Action Plan for Migrant Integration in Cyprus

The Cyprus action plan for migrant integration is a comprehensive 50point strategy focusing on employment, education, health, housing, and skills development to ensure thirdcountry nationals are included in society and have access to job opportunities and basic needs for a dignified life. Interior Minister Constantinos Ioannou spearheads this initiative to create a cohesive social fabric where migrants can contribute to the economy and culture, emphasizing the importance of economic participation, education, health services, and housing for successful integration.

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Cyprus Hospitality: A Cornerstone of Economic Growth

Cyprus’ hospitality sector is a cornerstone of its economy, contributing 6% to the island’s added value and employing 13.5% of the workforce. With a diverse range of offerings from traditional beach resorts to agrotourism, Cyprus not only promotes culture but also sustains communities through this vital sector.

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Tackling Illegal Employment in Cyprus

Cyprus is taking a strong stance against illegal employment with enhanced inspections, an electronic census of workers, and cracking down on misclassification of selfemployment. Labour Minister Yiannis Panayiotou is leading the charge to address this issue and improve work conditions, support parents, and foster international labor cooperation to ensure a fair and regulated labor market.

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