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Addressing Labour Shortages and Enhancing Maternity Leave in Cyprus

Proposed amendments in Cyprus seek to extend maternity leave to 22 weeks for first child by birth/surrogacy and 20 weeks for first child by adoption, with potential extensions for premature or hospitalized infants. Labour advisory committee to discuss labour shortages and pivotal labour regulations, including potential employment of thirdcountry nationals and electronic declaration of terms of employment. These progressive amendments reflect a move towards familyfriendly policies and a modernization of Cyprus’ labour laws.

remote work legislation

Remote Work Bill Passes into Law

On Thursday, Parliament passed a new remote work law that establishes optional remote work agreements, guidelines for exceptional circumstances, employer responsibility for expenses and technical support, regulations for communication and privacy, health and safety risk assessments, and penalties for noncompliance. This law marks a transformative step in how work is conducted and sets clear expectations and boundaries for remote employees and employers.

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