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Hazardous Incident at Paphos Hotel Leads to Hospitalizations and Arrests

A chemical mishap during routine pool maintenance at a Paphos hotel resulted in the release of toxic chlorine fumes, hospitalizing 26 individuals and leading to the arrest of two people. The incident, caused by the mixing of incompatible chemicals, triggered an emergency response and ongoing investigation to determine accountability and prevent future occurrences.

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Fires in Limassol District Engulf Land and Vegetation

Emergency response measures during the fires in the Limassol district involved five firefighting vehicles and four aircraft battling the flames that engulfed land and vegetation. Additional support units, including those from the game fund and British bases, reinforced efforts to contain the blaze, with no reported injuries during the operations.

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Fire Erupts in Fasouri Region, Limassol

A fire has erupted in the Fasouri region of Limassol, prompting a rapid and coordinated response involving five firefighting aircraft and ground vehicles from both the local forestry department and British base. Authorities are urging the public to avoid the area to facilitate emergency crews’ access and efficiency in extinguishing the blaze, with international support further enhancing the firefighting efforts.

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Police Investigating Miliou Fire

Authorities are diligently investigating the cause of the wildfire that swept through Miliou, Yiolou, and Simou, seeking to uncover whether it was ignited by natural triggers or human actions. Witness accounts are being sought to piece together the events that led to the devastating blaze, urging the community to come forward with any information to aid the investigation.

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Uncontrolled Blaze Threatens Miliou, Paphos

A wildfire in Miliou, Paphos has prompted an urgent response with five fire trucks and two forestry department trucks on the scene, along with a fleet of five aircraft battling the flames from above. Safety measures are in place, with efforts focused on controlling the blaze and protecting nearby residential areas.

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Fire in Paphos District

Efforts to subdue the Paphos district fire include four fire engines on the ground and a fleet of five aircraft. Collaborative efforts involve the Fire Service, civil defence, local police, and forestry experts. Authorities are working tirelessly to protect the community and mitigate ecological damage.

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Tragic Drowning Incident in Larnaca Claims Young Life

The tragic drowning incident in Larnaca claimed the life of a young 15yearold swimmer in a heartwrenching turn of events. Despite a prompt emergency response involving various rescue teams, the young woman was pronounced dead at Larnaca general hospital, highlighting the need for vigilance, preparedness, and water safety education in preventing such tragedies.

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