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Cyprus Sees Significant Growth in Vehicle Registrations

In Cyprus, vehicle registrations witnessed a remarkable 33.5% growth in the first four months of 2024, totaling 17,589 vehicles registered, showcasing a shift towards sustainable vehicles like electric and hybrid cars. This surge not only indicates a revival in economic activity but also highlights changing consumer preferences towards environmentally friendly transportation options.

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Cyprus Trails Behind in Electric Vehicle Adoption

Cyprus lags in electric vehicle adoption due to high costs, limited charging infrastructure, and lack of government incentives. With only 0.138% of vehicles being electric, progress is slow but advancements in technology and evolving policies might lead to a shift towards more electric vehicles in the future.

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Nicosia Embraces Green Mobility with New EV Charging Stations

Nicosia has unveiled two new EV charging stations in its city center, offering free public access from 8am to 8pm, showcasing the city’s commitment to green mobility and reducing its carbon footprint. These strategically located stations aim to encourage the adoption of electric vehicles and pave the way for a more sustainable future in the bustling Cypriot capital.

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Expanding Cyprus’ EV Infrastructure: New Grant for Charging Points

Cyprus is boosting its electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure with a grant for 1,000 new charging points, part of the Recovery and Resilience Plan for a cleaner future. Individuals, entities, and local authorities can apply for financial support to expand the accessibility of EV charging across various locations, enhancing the nation’s commitment to sustainable mobility.

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Boosting Green Mobility: Electric Car Chargers on the Rise

The government is rolling out 1,000 electric vehicle (EV) charging stations to promote sustainable transport and combat climate change, investing €2.5 million in the initiative. This move will not only reduce range anxiety for EV owners but also align with national emission reduction targets, ushering in a greener economy powered by renewable energy.

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Athienou Announces Installation of EV Charger

Athienou has installed an electric vehicle (EV) charging station near the Kallinikei municipal building on Andrea Louka street, supporting the community’s push for environmental sustainability and the growing use of EVs. This new initiative aims to make it easier for residents and visitors to access charging infrastructure and demonstrates Athienou’s commitment to green mobility and a cleaner future.

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Applications for Subsidised EV Vehicles Surge

Applications for subsidies for electric vehicles (EVs) are on the rise, reflecting a growing trend towards greener transportation choices. The surge in demand for EVs, hybrids, electric motorcycles, and bicycles highlights a shift in consumer behavior towards sustainable commuting options and a global movement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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Surging Interest in Electric Vehicle Subsidies

The electric vehicle subsidy program has seen a significant response, with 2,254 applications received, showing a strong public interest in clean transportation. The simplified digital application process has made it easier for families and businesses to participate, with funds available until the deadline or depletion.

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European Union Sees Surge in Electric Vehicle Sales

Electric vehicle sales in the European Union have surged, with a 36.3% increase yearoveryear, and in October, EV sales even overtook diesel for the third time. The broader category of electrified vehicles now accounts for over 47% of new passenger car registrations, indicating a significant shift towards sustainable transportation.

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