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Three Elderly Hospitalized with Heatstroke

Three elderly individuals are currently hospitalized with heatstroke in Nicosia, Cyprus, amidst a severe heatwave. With temperatures soaring, staying hydrated, seeking cool environments, and dressing appropriately are crucial preventive measures to combat the lifethreatening effects of extreme heat.

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Elderly Woman Falls Prey to Costly Phone Scam

An elderly woman in Nicosia fell victim to a heartless phone scam, losing €52,000 in a distressing ordeal involving a fake surgical emergency for her son. The police are conducting an investigation and urging the public to stay vigilant against fraudulent schemes targeting vulnerable individuals, emphasizing the importance of verifying callers’ identities and reporting suspicious activities promptly.

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Elderly Man Detained for Attempted Murder in Paphos

The unexpected shooting incident involving an 82yearold man in Paphos left four individuals injured and the community in disbelief. The village, known for its tranquility, was shaken by the rare act of violence, leading to police investigations and legal proceedings against the suspect as the community strives to restore peace and safety.

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Elderly Woman Falls Victim to Phone Scam

An elderly woman from Nicosia fell victim to a heartless phone scam after being tricked into handing over €650 in cash for a fake medical emergency involving her grandson. Authorities warn against such fraudulent schemes and advise citizens, particularly the elderly, to be vigilant, verify requests for money, and report suspicious calls to prevent falling prey to similar scams.

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Combating Solitude in Cyprus

Cyprus is combating loneliness through community initiatives like Talkin’ Tables, where individuals gather for conversation and camaraderie, transcending age barriers. The initiative offers a simple yet powerful way to foster connections and combat the isolation experienced by many, with plans to expand the events across the country.

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Elderly Abuse: A Growing Concern in Society

Elderly abuse is a growing concern in society, with a significant increase in incidents over the past decade. The abuse includes physical violence, neglect, economic exploitation, and emotional torment, and often goes unreported, especially when family members are the perpetrators. It is crucial to take action and raise awareness to protect the dignity and wellbeing of older adults.

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