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Empowering the Youth: Financial Literacy Initiatives by PwC Cyprus Foundation

The PwC Cyprus Foundation launched an educational outreach programme during Global Money Week, focusing on enhancing financial literacy among the youth. Partnering with local ministries and organizations, it provides interactive sessions led by PwC volunteers to teach students vital financial skills, with the theme “Protect your money, secure your future.” This initiative highlights the commitment of PwC Cyprus Foundation to empower the younger generations with essential financial knowledge, ensuring a prosperous future for all involved.

film festival ai in filmmaking

Cyprus Film Days 2024: A Celebration of Cinematic Creativity

Cyprus Film Days 2024 promises a dynamic showcase of films, workshops, and masterclasses at the Rialto Theatre in Limassol and Zena Palace in Nicosia. Noteworthy events include an AI in filmmaking session and a body language storytelling masterclass, catering to industry professionals, film enthusiasts, and aspiring filmmakers of all ages.

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