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Larnaca Marina and Port: A Stalemate Calling for Resolution

The stalemate at Larnaca Marina and Port, caused by a financial disagreement between Kition Ocean Holdings and the government, is hindering a vital revitalization project. With legal action taken and calls for resolution growing louder, the future of Larnaca’s maritime and tourism potential hangs in the balance.

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Strengthening Village Governance: The Cypriot Initiative

The Cypriot initiative for strengthening village governance involves clustering mukhtars’ jurisdictions to enhance operational efficiency, reforming local government structures, revising housing schemes, and recalibrating financial support criteria to incentivize residency and development in rural Cyprus fostering a more balanced and prosperous future for these areas. Interior Minister Constantinos Ioannou and President of the Union of Cyprus Communities, Andreas Kitromilides, are at the forefront of discussions to reform local governance, focusing on clustering mukhtars’ jurisdictions and revitalizing mountainous areas with tailored housing schemes and financial support incentives, aiming to empower rural communities and promote sustainable development in Cyprus.

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Construction of Marina in Kissonerga Set for 2025

The construction of the Marina in Kissonerga is set to begin in late 2025, with the groundwork expected to be completed by the end of 2024. This transformative project aims to boost the local economy and tourism sector, while also prioritizing environmental sustainability to preserve the village’s natural beauty.

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