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Larnaca Marina and Port Development Set for Launch

The Larnaca marina and port development project is set to kick off in June, promising to revamp the coastal town and boost tourism and economic growth. With a commitment from developer Kition Ocean Holdings, this transformative infrastructure initiative aims to redefine Larnaca’s maritime identity and create new job opportunities.

development government oversight

Doubts Raised Over Development of Larnaca Port

Doubts have been raised over the development of Larnaca Port amidst concerns of delays and uncertainty surrounding Kition Ocean Holdings. Despite promises, construction has yet to begin, with the original start date of April 2023 now pushed to a tentative June 2024, prompting calls for transparency and urgency from local officials and stakeholders.

smuggling beef trade

Smuggling Crackdown: Kyrenia Supermarkets Raided

In a recent crackdown on smuggling activities, authorities in Kyrenia seized nearly two metric tonnes of beef and 67.1 kilograms of lamb in supermarkets. Three individuals were arrested, highlighting the economic strain on local vendors due to price disparities and prompting increased border inspections and policy changes.

fire safety economic impact

Economic Impact of Fires in the Recent Year

The economic impact of fires in the recent year amounted to €9.5 million, with urban fires costing €8.4 million. Human activities were responsible for 90% of all fires, emphasizing the urgent need for enhanced fire safety education and prevention measures.

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