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The Cyprus Chamber of Commerce & Industry Celebrates 97 Years

The Cyprus Chamber of Commerce & Industry celebrates its 97th anniversary, showcasing its pivotal role in shaping Cyprus’s economic landscape through institutional reforms and infrastructure projects like the Cyprus Stock Exchange and industrial zones. Keve’s enduring influence as the government’s primary economic advisor highlights its commitment to fostering a resilient economy and societal wellbeing for the people of Cyprus.

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Cyprus’ Positive Economic Trajectory Amid EU Challenges

Cyprus’ economy is thriving within the EU, with Finance Minister Makis Keravnos implementing targeted measures totaling nearly €300 million to support vulnerable groups and strengthen the middle class. These fiscal policies are contributing to Cyprus’ resilience and longterm economic stability, outperforming many European counterparts.

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Cyprus’ Development Dilemma: A Tale of Conservation and Concern

Cyprus is facing a development dilemma as it grapples with balancing economic ambitions and environmental preservation. The Akrotiri casino resort and Akamas road expansion pose threats to delicate ecosystems and protected areas, sparking debates on sustainable growth and ecotourism alternatives. Conservation groups are advocating for a harmonious balance between progress and the preservation of Cyprus’ natural heritage, highlighting the need for a more thoughtful and sustainable approach to development.

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Finance Minister to address Invest Cyprus annual general meeting

The Invest Cyprus annual general meeting, held in Nicosia, aims to unveil the strategic roadmap for sustainable investment and economic development, reinforcing Cyprus’ position as a prime location for business and innovation. Notable figures, including the Deputy Minister to the President and the Minister of Finance, will be in attendance, and the CEO of Invest Cyprus will present on investable projects and key criteria for investment in Cyprus.

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