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The Remarkable Dipkarpaz Village: A Step Back In Time

What is special about Dipkarpaz village in North Cyprus? Dipkarpaz village, nestled in North Cyprus’ north east peninsular, is a remarkable gem that embodies the traditional Mediterranean lifestyle. This rustic village is a significant hotspot for eco tourism, boasting kilometerlong beaches, historical buildings, and unique natural activities. Moreover, it’s a cultural melting pot, home to both Turkish Cypriot and Greek Cypriot inhabitants living in unity, symbolized by a mosque and an Orthodox church side by side. Visitors can also enjoy the local gastronomy and participate in cultural events. Dipkarpaz village is a window into a traditional way of life, a niche for eco tourism, and a unique cultural melting pot. Don’t miss the local gastronomy scene, notable accommodations, and events like the Food Lodge’s classic film evenings and World Poetry Day. Experience a simpler, slower way of life and a blend of cultures in this remarkable village.