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ECB and Fed Could Match Rate Cuts in 2024, Suggests Fintech Leader

Victor Trokoudes predicts that the ECB and Fed could implement synchronized rate cuts in 2024 to combat inflation and boost economic activity. ECB’s cautious approach amidst global uncertainties, with potential rate cuts looming, reflects the intertwined nature of fiscal policies, market responses, and labor market resilience in shaping the future economic landscape.

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Cypriot Economy Anticipates Growth from Recent ECB Interest Rate Cut

The recent ECB interest rate cut is poised to bolster the Cypriot economy by lowering borrowing costs and potentially spurring business loans and investments. While the impact remains uncertain due to global geopolitical uncertainties, the move is expected to provide companies in Cyprus with access to more affordable credit, paving the way for economic growth.

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Cyprus Banks’ Soaring Profits Amid Economic Indifference

Cyprus banks are enjoying soaring profits thanks to interest rate hikes by the European Central Bank (ECB). However, they are showing reluctance to support growth projects and instead prefer to deposit funds with the ECB, which offers a secure 4% return. This conservative approach is posing a challenge for policymakers who want the banks to play a role in supporting the real economy.

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