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Why Did You Choose Cyprus?

Cyprus, with its stunning beaches in Ayia Napa and rich Cypriot cuisine, draws tourists for its unique charm and warm hospitality. The island’s reliable sunshine and diverse experiences make it a top vacation spot for visitors of all ages, offering a vacation experience that goes beyond the conventional.

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Cyprus Wines for Easter Sunday

Elevate your Easter feast with local Cypriot wines recommended by sommelier George Kassianos, including robust reds like Syrah and Maratheftiko to pair with lamb, oaky whites from Xynisteri grapes, and a sweet Muscat for dessert. Start your celebration with a refreshing rosé and experience the diverse selection of quality Cypriot wines perfect for the joyous occasion.

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Soaring Prices: The Impact on Easter Celebrations

This Easter, consumers are feeling the pinch with prices soaring for essentials like olive oil, lamb, and traditional delicacies like ‘tsoureki’ and ‘flaounes’. However, there is some relief with reduced prices for eggs, cucumbers, and village flour, providing consumers with more affordable options amidst the rising costs.

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Ongoing Migrant Arrivals to Cape Greco

The ongoing migrant arrivals at Cape Greco from Lebanon are driven by economic turmoil, political instability, and regional conflicts. These individuals risk their lives on perilous maritime journeys to seek a better future in Cyprus, facing challenges of integration and forging a new beginning in a foreign land.

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Cyprus’ Migration Challenges: A Complex Situation Unfolding

Cyprus faces intense migration pressures as a surge in migrant arrivals tests its resources and policies. President Nikos Christodoulides engages in critical talks with the EU and Lebanon to find a balanced solution that ensures national security while respecting migrants’ rights, navigating a complex and highstakes decisionmaking landscape.

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Century Travel Taking 2025 Marella Cruises Bookings

Bookings for the 2025 Marella Cruises departing from Limassol, Cyprus, are now open with Century Travel. Enjoy allinclusive luxury cruises starting April 30, 2025, exploring captivating routes like Aegean Gems, Grecian Discovery, and Aegean Delights. Get in touch with Century Travel to secure your spot for this unforgettable maritime adventure.

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Cyprus Film Days Preparing for 2024 Edition

The 22nd edition of the Cyprus Film Days festival is gearing up for a spectacular run from April 12th to April 20th, 2024. Set to take place in Limassol’s Rialto Theatre and Nicosia’s Zena Palace, the festival promises over 20 fiction films, workshops, masterclasses, and engaging activities for cinema enthusiasts across Cyprus.

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