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Paphos Resident Detained for Drug and Firearm Offenses

The Paphos resident’s arrest for drug and firearm offenses has put him in a legal bind, facing charges for possession of over 10 kilograms of cannabis, a loaded gun, and distribution equipment. With serious legal ramifications looming, his case highlights the thin line between legality and criminality, underscoring the ongoing battle against illegal activities in the community.

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Fourth arrest made in drugs case

The fourth arrest in the drugs case is a major breakthrough, as law enforcement confiscated 250 grams of suspected crystal meth and 60 grams of cannabis. This development showcases the police’s unwavering dedication to dismantle criminal networks and combat drug distribution within the community.

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Prison Guard Remanded After Drugs Found

A 42yearold prison guard was remanded after 120 grams of cannabis were found in his locker. The guard, suspected of consuming and possibly distributing drugs within the prison, is under investigation involving CCTV footage and financial records.

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Amphetamine Levels Escalating in Cypriot Wastewater

The rise of amphetamines in Cypriot wastewater signifies a troubling increase in illicit drug use on the island, posing public health and law enforcement challenges. Methamphetamine levels, a newcomer to the scene in Cyprus, highlight shifting drug consumption patterns and potential health risks associated with stimulant abuse.

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‘Alarming data’ from alcohol, drugs survey on kids

Recent findings from the HSBC survey reveal that around 50% of schoolchildren in Cyprus have tried alcohol at least once, and 7% of 15yearolds have experimented with cannabis. These alarming statistics have prompted the education ministry to implement interventions and supportive programs to combat substance use among minors.

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