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Central Bank of Cyprus Initiates Legal Cost Reduction Program

The Central Bank of Cyprus has launched a Legal Cost Reduction Program to assist individuals involved in litigation concerning Bank of Cyprus and Laiki Bank restructuring. Eligible cases include lawsuits against CBC for withdrawal, withdrawn cases with pending legal fees, and adjudicated cases with CBC as the prevailing party, with applications accepted until December 31, 2024.

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Seizure of Smuggled Beef in Northern Cyprus Leads to Arrests

Authorities in Northern Cyprus have cracked down on beef smuggling from the Republic of Cyprus, resulting in the arrest of two individuals and the seizure of 140 kg of illicit meat. The incident sheds light on challenges in controlling crossborder meat trade and the economic strain faced by local businesses, particularly butchers demanding action to equalize meat prices.

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Drug Delivery Intervention by Paphos Police

In a decisive operation by the Paphos Police’s Drug Law Enforcement Unit, a 23yearold individual was arrested for drug offenses. Approximately 19 grams of cannabis were found on his person, and over two kilograms in an abandoned package. The operation highlights the unit’s crucial role in combating illegal drug trade.

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