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Pending Trial for Attempted Murder in Xylotymbou

A 32yearold man in Xylotymbou faces multiple charges, including attempted murder, for dousing a woman with gasoline, dragging her from her home, and threatening her life with a knife. The upcoming trial highlights the urgent need to address and condemn acts of violence, shedding light on the broader issues of domestic violence in communities worldwide.

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Warnings over Abusive Relationships Among University Students

Frederick University’s study on relationship violence among university students in Cyprus revealed alarming statistics, with 25% of students feeling insecure, one in five experiencing jealousy, and one in ten facing physical violence. The university is taking action by offering workshops and helpline support to address and prevent domestic abuse, while also emphasizing the need to combat gender inequality.

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Justice Served for Young Victim

The Larnaca Criminal Court has handed down a landmark verdict, sentencing a 34yearold man to nine years in prison for sexually abusing his partner’s daughter. In a distressing turn of events, the child’s mother also received a 16month sentence for domestic violence, emphasizing the court’s zerotolerance stance on child abuse.

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Addressing the Unseen Pandemic: Efforts to Combat Violence Against Women

Efforts to combat violence against women include raising awareness, legal reforms prioritizing victim protection, free legal aid, education on domestic violence, and advocacy for better workplace conditions. Dedicated committees advocate for these changes to support and empower victims, aiming to break the cycle of abuse. Violence against women remains one of the gravest violations of human rights across the globe, with one in three women worldwide experiencing physical or sexual violence. Femicide, the murder of women because of their gender, is the tragic result of chronic abuse. A proactive committee has been working for 27 years to prevent and combat domestic violence, implementing important strategies and advocating for legal and social reforms. Access to free legal aid and education on domestic violence are critical in supporting victims and breaking the cycle of abuse. The committee remains committed to defending the rights of female victims and spearheading initiatives to bring about real change.

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Escalating Hooliganism in Limassol Leads to Arrests

Last week in Limassol, over a hundred hooded and masked individuals engaged in a violent brawl outside a local football team’s clubhouse, resulting in severe injuries and property damage. The police have since arrested three individuals connected to the incident and are calling for the closure of certain football fan clubs to prevent further acts of hooliganism. Limassol’s law enforcement continues their persistent efforts to restore order and maintain peace in the community.

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Over One Hundred Football Hooligans Engage in Limassol Brawl

Over one hundred hooded individuals engaged in a brawl near Omonia football club premises in Limassol, resulting in one injury and damage to property. The melee involved makeshift weapons, and one car was set on fire. Police intervention led to chaos as two groups exchanged rocks and firecrackers. Investigations are ongoing.

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