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Transforming Adoption: A Look into New Legislative Proposals

The new adoption bill proposes groundbreaking changes to the adoption process, including inclusivity for single parents and stringent regulations to maintain the integrity of adoptions. With an emphasis on the child’s wellbeing and the importance of biological connections, the bill aims to create a more transparent and nurturing environment for children entering new families.

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Cyprus Trails Behind in Electric Vehicle Adoption

Cyprus lags in electric vehicle adoption due to high costs, limited charging infrastructure, and lack of government incentives. With only 0.138% of vehicles being electric, progress is slow but advancements in technology and evolving policies might lead to a shift towards more electric vehicles in the future.

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The Plight of Cyprus’ Larger Dog Breeds

Rescue & Rehome Cyprus, founded by Graham Shackleton, is on a mission to care for and rehome abandoned larger dog breeds in Cyprus, such as Pit Bulls and Huskies. Despite facing challenges like a lack of volunteers, the shelter prioritizes extensive training and socialization for each dog to ensure they are ready for adoption into loving homes.

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