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Expanding the Investigation: The Paphos Document Forgery Case

The Paphos document forgery case centers around the production and circulation of fake European driving licenses and a counterfeit residence permit for Cyprus. Seven suspects, aged 21 to 44, have been arrested by the Paphos CID as part of the investigation, with authorities working to uncover the full extent of the forgery operation.

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Paphos Police Unveil Document Forgery Scheme

In Paphos, police busted a document forgery ring, arresting three individuals and seizing counterfeit documents like driving licenses and a residence permit. The successful operation highlights the importance of international cooperation in battling document fraud and showcases the effectiveness of local law enforcement efforts in maintaining security.

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Update on Paphos Document Forgery Investigation

The Paphos document forgery investigation has led to five arrests, with authorities delving into a scheme involving forged driving licenses and a residency permit from various European countries and Cyprus. The operation continues to unravel, with law enforcement focused on identifying all individuals involved in this criminal endeavor.

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Four Arrested in Fraudulent College Investigation

Four individuals from the Cyprus Massachusetts Centre of Innovation have been arrested for document forgery and fraud, exposing a network involved in fake diplomas and unaccredited educational activities with thousands of students unaccounted for. The investigation highlights a potential exploitation of the educational system and the ongoing pursuit of justice to restore integrity.

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